Kenan Dobel

Seemingly of noble blood, this village priest is ever vigilant in the fight against the forces of darkness and sees their insidious influence everywhere.


Kenan is handsome in a middle-aged, fatherly way. The ongoing fight against evil has not darkened his smile nor the twinkle in his eyes. Everyone knows he is proud of his slightly graying blond hair as Kenan is always sure to keep it clean and well arranged.

The priest can be serious when describing the darkness against which he remains ever vigilant but mostly around town he is known for his good nature and helpfulness. He never fails to stop and spend time with those in need, even if the need is just to have someone with whom to pass the time.


Now middle-aged, Kenan has lived in Swallowfeld for much of his adult life. Popular with his flock, he is extremely charismatic and influential among the peasants. They think highly of him as he uses his magical powers without any demands for contribution to the church’s coffers and he also acts as an unofficial arbiter in disputes between the faithful.

Kenan knows everyone in town and everyone knows him. He can be firm but fair and always seeking ways to help the town be better and remain free of the influence of evil. His sermons against the ways of Braal are well known as are the stories he tells of long lost mysteries which delight the children and adults alike.

Kenan Dobel

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