Talek Annear

Commander of Kerensa's Hold; Lord Warden of Locher


Interested in old stories of military valor, Sir Talek affects the braided hair and drooping mustache of the heroes of old.


Sir Talek Annear is the son of a noble within the Finnolach Kingdom. Unfortunately, his father is a minor noble and Talek is not the first born child. Therefore, he has been sent to assist Lord Locher in defending the Lonely Coast and its villages. However, being of noble blood, he rarely interacts with the common folk.

Sir Talek is also the Lord Warden of the Duchy of Locher. In that role, he is charged with the defense of the entire duchy. Because of that, he is rarely in Swallowfeld.

Confident and self‐sufficient, Sir Talek has no patience with those exhibiting sloth, incompetence or indecision.

Talek Annear

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