Stormy sky


Letter a2
At the beginning of time, there was the Goddess of Creation: Anu, All Mother. And just as she emerged from the nothingness that came before, so did her two sisters, Saranyu and Sedna. The Three Sisters ranged across the vast void and finding nothing else decided that they should create a place for them to dwell that brought them delight. Saranyu created the stars and sky that surrounded all that was to exist. Sedna created water and oceans so that there would be a reflection of her sisters creation. Anu, the wisest, created a land between the two other sisters so they could meet. And thus was our world created. ( More . . .)


Anu:The Earth Mother (Mother Earth), Goddess of fertility, prosperity, comfort
Amon-Pyr:The Elder One, Lord of Slime, Swamps and Lizardfolk (Troglogytes, Lizardmen, etc.)
An Chéadghin:The First-born; Goddess of Elves and other Fey.
Braal:God of Hate, Malice and Revenge
Conn:God of Community, Family and Rulership
Darlen:God of Law, Order, Justice and the Sun
Laran:God of War, Heroes and Competition
Mors:Goddess of Death
Saranyu:Goddess of the Sky
Sedna:Goddess of the Sea
Sulis:Goddess of Healing and Prophecy


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