Below you will find some useful links for 5E D&D, my favorite edition (Classic D&D) and anything else D&D related.

The official Dungeons & Dragons Website

The Dragonsfoot Forums
The premier spot online for the OOP versions of D&D. Regular contributors include some of the founding fathers of the game: Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer, Steve Marsh and Jim Ward.

Classic D&D
A site run by Harmyn of Dragonsfoot containing a lot of information about the game. It also hosts Cab’s list of spells – a great collection of new spells for Classic D&D.

The OD&D Guild
A site dedicated to discussing Classic Dungeons and Dragons, original D&D and the various versions of Basic D&D. Also for fans of OD&Dities ezine.

The Acaeum
A site which details the publishing history of most of the “old school” Dungeons & Dragons products. It also lists current prices from eBay and other online sources.


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