• “Well, it looks like bratty Bart has finally run off to join the pirates or the barbarians or the goblins. No one has seen him in days.
  • Wolves have again been seen in large numbers in the deep woods. Several different packs have been seen – each led by a wolf of fearsome size. Some say these larger wolves are almost as big as a horse!
  • The Priory of Cymer is an isolated place where few people now go to worship. The clerics there believe some obscure legend about an ancient evil that lurks below waiting to arise once again but the clergy in Wolverton is growing tired of funding the outpost; many believe it may soon be abandoned.
  • A smuggler’s ship went down off the Orestone a few nights ago. Fishermen and beachcombers have been finding wreckage ever since (and a few bodies). They say it was destroyed by The Ashes of Arovarel, one of Captain Jakob the Leper’s ships.
  • Figures have been seen skulking at night on the fringe of the woods to the north. They are never seen in numbers, although footprints have been found. Who they are or where they go is a mystery. They might be goblins, half‐goblins, or something even worse! At least a few farms outside of town have reported having livestock gone missing.


None yet.


The Old People
“The Old People” is the colloquial name given to the race of humans that lived on the Lonely Coast long ago. Learned scholars instead know these fallen folk as the Tuath – a race of proud, warriors who strove for centuries against the wicked goblins of the Tangled Wood before being overwhelmed in blood and slaughter.

While the Tuath have been dead centuries, remnants of the civilisation yet linger under the twisted boughs of the Tangled Wood. The ruins of the Old People – hidden beneath ten centuries of slow, inexorable growth, choked with bushes and ringed with near‐impenetrable walls of thorn bushes – lie scattered throughout the forest. Tree‐shrouded burial mounds, stone circles dominated by ancient oaks, and time‐worn hill forts all slumber beneath the Tangled Wood’s gnarled boughs.

The humanoids of the forest always vigorously contest such places, seemingly drawn to them as a moth drawn to flame. Occassionally, a previously unknown site is discovered and adventurers return to Wolverton laden with treasure; several wizards and sages in the town are particularly interested in the Tuath and pay good coin for relics of their civilization.


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